I am a mother of a child on the autism spectrum which enables me to fully understand the community I serve. With lots of love and passion I do not only advocate for my son but for the entire special needs community. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development and a minor in Psychology. I worked as an elementary school teacher for 10 years and then moved on and graduated with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

I have been serving on the Regional Center Vendor committee as a Board member now for a second term. This  position includes once a month meetings with the Board where I presented feedback, facts and information to many vendors in this field. In this role I was also accessible to the public to receive inputs and questions.

I had the privilege to serve at the administrative board where all financial reports and the approvals of important agenda matters have being voted on.

Recently, I just ended a yearly term on the legislator committee. I was accepted for 2 years in a row to fly to Sacramento and represent the needs of our special needs community to Senators and the assembly members. Now I’m currently on my second term on the consumer service committee and the Government and Community Relations Committee.

Orli Almog Is Not An Attorney & Does Not Provide Legal Services