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Bruce Zucker has been practicing law for 20 years and is a tenured professor of legal and criminal studies. His career began as an attorney at legal aid, which grew into a practice representing people of all walks of life. This includes families with minor children and adults who have been accused of crimes dealing with criminal law. Mr Zucker is an accomplished trial attorney and administrative law practitioner.


Bruce's special education law practice with Education Justice Law brings a level of expertise for children facing removal from their school for an array if issues. This includes being accused of illegal activity, violation of school district rules and residency issues. We have resolved many issues with school district that has led to the reinstatement of children into schools where their permanent departure seemed evident.


Bruce also provides adept representation for IEP and due process hearings.


I'm a California attorney and have practiced law for over 20 years. I am also a professor of law and have taught for almost the same amount of time. I've worked in K-12 education and have seen first hand the breadth of people who can benefit from special education advocacy.


I've also been a probation officer, public defender and continue to practice in civil rights. In these roles, I've seen the effect of a lack of proper education which is why I am dedicated to ensuring that children have proper access and services from their schools.


The critical support I bring to the parents and children who come to the Education Justice Law Group comes with a unique perspective from all sides of the table, bringing a wealth of experience to ensure great results.


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