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Mental Health/Social/Emotional Sample Letter

Our Son/Daughter is facing many social, emotional and behavioral challenges at School.  He/He/She is experiencing considerable issues with focus, organization, anxiety and depression.  We feel that the environment at School is causing and/or worsening these issues. Based on our family’s observations, this is what is occurring from his/her experiences at School:

He/She is suffering.  We feel that the District is ignoring He/She’s social, emotional and behavioral growth.  It is our understanding that it is your responsibility to help He/She under the IDEA and Child Find to evaluate He/She and offer aid to help her.


We formally ask that a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) be performed on He/She at the soonest opportunity; including Neurocognition, Community Functioning, and Social Cognition.  We ask for a full ADHD evaluation be performed as well. We ask that an IEP be met shortly after the completion of the evaluation.

Sincerely Yours,