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Mr. Wasserman’s law firm was able to sort through all the confusion, laziness, anger and denial that stood between our child getting support and an education she deserved and wanted and the school bureaucracy which appeared to want the topposite result. He supported us as parents and held the school accountable for its failures. He worked tirelessly and wasn’t afraid to confront the school or district when it needed to be done. I highly recommend Mr. Wasserman. He will handle your case professionally and with great compassion and focus.

​ Thanks Mr. Wasserman for your help

Dr. K, Thousand Oaks, CA

My 12 yr old Son fell between every crack in the public school setting, referred to as disturbed, troubled, and dumb, he was bullied by students and staff alike. My story is long and hard to hear. I was referred to Adam and within 24 hours he called to talk to me about my son. Every question was only about him and what he was experiencing and how he could possibly help. I have never met anyone that clearly cared about my son every step of every decision. He never questioned what my family could afford and what that could mean ( as far as helping us) to my son's future. We worked out a plan that was in the best interest of my son and our family. When I was feeling so broken and the feelings of failure overwhelmed me, he gave me strength and knowledge. There is nothing worse than my feelings of hopelessness. The case is over, and now we feel unfettered from the leash that the school system had on us. Adam did that for us. No one else could. I am forever grateful.

Alexis A. Thousands Oaks CA

As a fellow attorney (I do business law) I know how complicated Education Law can be. Adam is truly a wizard in his area and knows the law inside and out. More importantly Adam is practical in his advice and truly passionate about making sure all the kids he represents get what they need and deserve. Adam has lots of experience with school districts and knows many of the special education directors on a first name basis.

From the first moment I called Adam he wanted to learn about my kid and what he needed. Adam took the time to understand my frustrations with the school district and offered me several options on what do to. When we talked about the technicalities (again I'm a lawyer and get into the details) Adam was able to explain the rules in a very easy to understand way that any parent could follow. I highly recommend Adam to anyone who's kid is having problems and the school is not helping.

Richard Lynn Thousand Oaks, CA

First, I hate that you even have to consider hiring a lawyer at all in dealing with the school system (like Las Virgenes Unified). But where they lack in compassion and humanity, Education Justice Law and Adam Wasserman provide it. Due to an unforeseen medical condition with my daughter, the school district, of course, failed to provide support or the minimum accommodations. So, we hired Adam. He listened, and he took action.

The great thing about Adam is that he was not only superb in meetings while advocating for our daughter and our family, he also educated us providing a range of options for the future. Moreover, he was successful! We got everything we asked for with the school district (and then some).

Adam was a supportive force for our family during a stressful time. He normalized and crafted a strategy for us, then executed that strategy. He was responsive at all times and to all things, even seemingly insignificant questions. I highly, highly, highly recommend! He reminded our daughter how valuable she is and that the school system, while really messed up, doesn't define her or her future.

Michelle & Steven, West San Fernando Valley

Adam Wasserman has been a Godsend to my family. Both of my children (middle school and high school) have struggled in school with emotional and learning challenges. For years, the school counselor told us that there was nothing that the school could do to help us. Until I was referred to Adam, I didn't know how I would keep my children at grade-level (I have had to bear the cost of outside tutoring for their entire academic lives). We didn't know that IEP and 504 plans existed. With Adam's help, we were able to put in place an IEP for my older child and 504 for my youngest. Ever since these plans were implemented for my children, it has been like night and day: the kids look forward to going to school and are proud of their grades and test scores. We even received reimbursement for many of our previous out of pocket expenses! The very reasonable fee we paid to EJL has been returned many times over (not only in compensation and services, but in quality of life). I have been able to return to work and the burden of educating my children (financially and time-wise) is now significantly lessened and provided by their school. I can't believe that students are entitled to educational rights and we were never informed!

Diane S. Los Angeles, CA

I am a High School Student. My life has changed from working with Mr. Wasserman. Until Adam began working with my family, I never received help. No one responded to my parent’s complaints. School was impossible. I always felt I could do better. I would sit in class, and all the information would speed by me. I would read a page and have no memory of what I just finished looking at. My test scores were abysmal. Adam arrived and taught us about Child Find and the IDEA. Within 90 days of him acting my life began turning around with school supports. It took a lot of work on my part, but all the help I needed was provided because of Adam. I had tutors, therapists, and other services and supports that helped me get work done and rebuild my skill set. Today, I feel better about myself. I have high marks in all my subjects and can work my way to get things done. These changes will last my whole life and allow me to become the man I am meant to be.

GUY WILLAMS, 11th Grader West San Fernando Valley

Adam Wasserman is the consummate professional and embodies every quality that a parent would wish for in advocating for their child. Our daughter has been on a LONG and difficult journey since 3rd grade and we've had to navigate public schools, private schools, Ed Therapists, etc. etc. To say that this process was stressful would be the understatement of the year. Along this journey, we have found some professionals who were helpful and some who were not so helpful and/or lacked knowledge in the area of Educational Law/504's/IEPs. Last year, we were lucky enough to have been referred to Adam by a friend who had a great experience with him. It was the best choice we ever made. Adam was extremely knowledgeable, kind, caring, and attentive. We felt like he truly had our families best interests at heart and most importantly, really got to know our daughter and understand her profile. He absolutely knew what she needed in school and why, and we've been able to secure those accommodations. For the first time, she's feeling satisfied and successful in school! Words can't express our gratitude for his help and the amount of pride and relief we have felt for our daughter. We are so excited for her future and know that we are secure and in good hands having Adam and the Education Justice Law Group standing behind us.

Joanna, G. Westlake Village, CA

We had struggles with the school district that seemed to be never ending. We tried to work with counselors, principal and anyone that would listen from the school district. Our son was in an IEP and had made reasonable grades to be assigned Gen Ed going into High School. The school wouldn't budge. We hired an educational advocate. Still no success despite dropping a large sum of money. We were referred to Adam through a family friend and he immediately took charge with the district upon a positive initial consultation and worked diligently to achieve our goal. He was familiar with the circumstances and helped our son get on the right path to have all of his options open for college or whatever he decides when ready. Do not waste time or money with an advocate unless you have an extremely simple situation that you have been unable to resolve. Adam is a complete professional with the passion and drive to make things right when you feel the odds are stacked against you. I absolutely recommend him for any educational legal needs especially within the LVUSD school district.

Katherine and Ryan S. West San Fernando Valley

Adam saved my Child's life!!! I came to him with so much frustration with Lausd and their IEP team. He was able to put law and order immediately in place and help me from A-Z with all my concerns. He answered all my questions immediately & professionally. I highly recommend him with all my heart!!!

Evan G. Tarzana, CA

Adam Wasserman is amazing! If you're reaching out to Adam, you've probably exhausted all means on your own advocating for your child, which can leave you truly depleted and emotionally drained. You're probably at or close to a point of desperation. Adam and his associates are honest, hard-working individuals who work for your child and you to help ensure schools are doing what they're supposed to do. Adam is honest about the system and genuinely cares for his clients in what is typically a very difficult process. I can't express how much I appreciate everything Adam has done for us and have referred numerous families to him who are having difficulty getting the education system to help their children appropriately. He truly is a blessing!! We are overjoyed with his services and the positive impact he's provided to our son's education.

Karen P. Tempe, AZ

I am very thankful. I hired Mr. Wasserman. He has been able to support, advise, and help us navigate thru a very complicated educational bureaucracy always having our child's best interest in mind. He has been straight forward and clear about expectations from the start and compassionately and professionally represented the needs of our child. I feel very confident that we will have a positive outcome and provide our child with the educational support she deserves to thrive and do well. Education Justice Law Group was there for us.

Stephen S. Thousand Oaks, CA

Adam helped my daughter, and quite frankly, our whole family navigates through a unique situation that created difficulties for my daughter to stay focused in school. He immediately helped us navigate the legal hurdles and took the time to explain everything to me as we progressed. Ultimately, he was able to get our daughter the help she needed at school by having the districted perform a thorough evaluation and eventually a 504 plan. Just having his support has provided our daughter with so much more confidence as she continues to deal with her emotional issues. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone who is dealing with special needs issues and the public school system. He is an expert in his field. He treated us with kindness, compassion, and care throughout the process. He is a good man and a great lawyer.

Janet J. Newbury Park, CA

I highly recommend Adam Wasserman to anyone in need of an educational advocate. He is extremely knowledgable of the special education laws and diligent in fighting to get what you need for your child. Adam was always available 24/7 to us for questions and concerns. Hiring Adam was the best decision we made to help get the services our daughter was entitled to. We would not have been able to do this on our own. Our family is forever grateful to Adam and his team. We now have an appropriate and very comprehensive IEP in place to ensure her future success.

Loren G. Woodland Hills, CA

Adam did a very good job with an extremely complicated case Had many different issues going in many different directions I was lost and confused he was able to straighten everything out and get my son back on track with a decent education to look forward to

Nancy M. Thousand Oaks, CA

I have interacted with Adam Wasserman over several years, and had the opportunity to watch him use his extraordinary level of insight, intelligence and expertise "in action". He is someone who consistently follows through, does what he says he will do and is very sharp, yet explains things always in an understandable manner. He is a valuable asset to have on your side in a very complicated legal area. I highly recommend him.

Barry M. Agoura Hills, CA

Adam Wasserman of Education Justice Law Group has been amazing for son with Autism. He has been so supportive and knows how to work with the district in a gentle, yet effective manner. He was willing to help up over the weekend when issues were pressing. He really cares and it shows in his dedication.

S.B, Malibu, CA

Adam helped get my daughter an IEP and when what the school was offering didn't help my daughter we were able to remove her from classes that were making her worse, got the district to pay for short term homeschooling. She is now back in school and doing much better. I am thankful for Adam's help and personal attention. I'm not sure what I would have done without his help. Adam knows how difficult parenting children with special needs can be and often listened to me vent. He is a great advocated and an empathetic soul.

Kelly W. Calabasas, CA

Adam is truly one of a kind. Without him, my child wouldn’t have received the services he needed in school. Adam approached me as I was on the verge of tears in the hallway of my work building. He had seen me several times as I made phone call after phone call to my sons school district, the U.S Department of Education, the county superintendent, etc. I was not being heard, and Adam gave my child’s education a voice. Adam truly cares about your child’s academic and emotional needs at school. I can’t thank Adam enough for the tremendous asset he has been to my sons education. Thank you Adam!

Camille P. Los Angeles

Adam Wasserman was a tremendous help for my daughter. For 3 years, I had taken many hours off from work to go to my daughter's school and sat in my daughter's classroom to try to figure out why she was not progressing sufficiently academically. I was very involved with my daughter's education and the school did not seem to care about my child's education and avoided aiding my child with academic help in the classroom after I had provided verification that my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD/ADD. I had tried everything to get my daughter the help she needed on my own, but I got nowhere. I was at my breaking point with my daughter's school and was an emotional wreck, and then I came across an ad for Mr. Wasserman. I called Mr. Wasserman and informed him of the whole situation with my daughter. He was very compassionate about the situation. Mr. Wasserman worked really hard negotiating with the school district and helped my daughter obtain an IEP.

Perry E. San Francisco, CA

Hi Adam, Here's a pic from from our Sons culmination yesterday. Thank you so much for everything you've done for us! You're awesome!

David M. Glendale, CA

Finding Adam was such a blessing. He fought so hard for our son's educational rights and our rights as his parents. He attended multiple IEP meetings and his expertise and the expertise of the professionals he brought in ultimately had the district asking to settle with us when we hadn't yet even filed against them. He was patient, kind, and always available to answer questions even after hours. Don't waste your money on an advocate unless your kid is very young and you have time to waste. Adam will get you tangible results quickly. He goes above and beyond.

S. Mary Allen Los Angeles

I just wanted to thank you for your help. Dana woke up with hope in her eyes for the first time in longer than I can remember.

Bernice G. Westlake Village

Adam & Carly, I am still in awe of all that you both have done for our family!! Thank you again and again from the bottom of my :heart:!

Lynn W. Sherman Oaks, CA

"Simply put, this has changed our whole education experience for the better. She is no longer afraid of going to school. She feels safe, knows that she has the support from her teachers and school administrators and the bullying has completely stopped"

Brooke J. Moorepark, CA

Thank you Education Justice Law. My son is going back to school. I'm screaming with joy right now. Omg!!!! Thank you so much.

Adam is The best Education Lawyer there is. Adam saved us from so much heartache with my son’s school. He is not only a great lawyer but also very passionate about what he does and compassionate towards his clients. We felt great being in his hands. Thank you so much Adam for all of your hard work and dedication towards the families who need you!

Sammy M. Los Angeles

After my son was diagnosed with Dyslexia, LAUSD did not provide him with the service he needed. It reached a point of desperation and starting searching for a lawyer. I found adam and scheduled a consultation and was drawn to his knowledge, passion and personal connection to the topic. It changed everything for my son. Adam will support your needs in any way

Sarah Los Angeles

"We needed someone who was going to fight for us and protect our daughter... Adam followed through when everything he said he was going to do. He is extremely knowledgeablein this field and he has the back bone that you need in order to get things done. He absolutely took away a lot of stress from me and my daughter and she's not afraid to go to school anymore"

David M. Glendale, CA

Thank you, dear Adam, for everything. You are an angel for special children and a hero for their innocence.

Paul and Maurine, Los Angeles