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Homework Managability

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Homework Manageability

Homework is an essential part of students’ lives. It builds skills and responsibility, but it can also sometimes become a heavy burden for the student. The problems that students encounter when doing homework is not because homework is punitive; it is because of lack of planning and not using the resources necessary for the child to succeed.

Homework should not become hardship for students. Studies show that students who get overcooked with homework end up underperforming compared to those that don’t. We are in an age of adaptive learning and a school can provide resources that allow students to have all of the meaningful parts of their life to get proper attention. Even our Supreme Court agrees that education needs to adhere to a child’s individual circumstances.

Most teachers have websites that layout homework assignments and their due dates. This is the time children can start perfecting executive functioning skills. If not, unless it is a new teacher, they have taught the class before and the teacher knows what is coming. Don’t be afraid to ask or insist.

How Parents Can Help Their Children with Homework

· Firstly, always remember that homework is not meant to be punitive.

· Secondly, homework is for the child, not for the parent, to accomplish.

· Lastly, parents are not supposed to dip into their pockets to help with their children’s homework.

Homework Environment

Homework can turn the day into a double decker. However, in real life, where school is supposed to prepare you, quite often there is no second part of the work day. This is why it is necessary to build a suitable homework environment to develop students’ perspectives while preparing for the real world. Here are some recommendations before and during homework:

· My favorite is using different color and textures pens. Changing writing instruments between thought and subjects always allow me to tune in to gain a little more focus when studying.

· Oxygenation of the blood has quite an effect on concentration. Stretching and light movement help break up energetic stagnation, causing our muscles to stay in shape. Oxygenated blood also nourishes our cerebral systems, providing alertness and focus.

· A quiet learning space is also essential in helping the child keep focus during homework exercises. Noise cancellation headphones are affordable and very effective in turning small or noisy learning spaces into better atmospheres.

Balancing Homework with Extracurricular Activities

Homework is not meant to be punitive and monopolize a child’s life. It is designed to meet the goals of bolstering the child’s executive functionality, accountability, and reinforcement.

It is perfectly permissible to ask for a modified homework schedule for work that is excessive, redundant or not necessary. If your child is suffering, or if their other meaningful life activities are being affected in a negative way because of homework, call a Student Study Team Meeting at the school. This will require your child’s teachers and appropriate administrators to attend the meeting and address the issue head on. If they won’t, call me.

Parents, Homework and Frustration

It is good to always remember when homework is done. A lot of times it is the last part of the day, after many other activities have been accomplished. Often this causes the child to

Homework is not created for the parent – it’s for the child. If you find yourself doing or spending inordinate time doing homework, call that SST meeting because the school will really have to look at it from a clinical perspective and intervene if necessary.

Most importantly, we don’t want to imprint negative emotions and experiences to our children.

When we describe what a child is supposed to get from their homework, it is Called FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education).

If homework is becoming harassing to you or your child, call for an SST meeting and require the school to make accommodations to meet your child’s needs. Don’t blame yourself or your child because the school is not dialed into your child. If they don’t want to play ball, call me.

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