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Conversational AI in eCommerce: Use Cases & Future Trends

sales chatbot

Engati empowers you to reach more customers faster, harnessing the potential of an enterprise-grade conversational AI platform driven by eSenseGPT. Elevate your customer experiences with Gen-AI-powered chatbots, live chat, campaigns, and various powerful tools. You will miss a lot of potential leads coming from different channels, right? They can recommend products, share offers, and encourage visitors to convert with conversational marketing. Aivo helps you provide a unified shopping experience on multiple channels, such as your website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and through a mobile app. These chatbots for sales use artificial intelligence to make the conversations with clients feel more natural, which can increase customer satisfaction with your brand.

It also reduces any outbound risks and helps drive conversions at a rapid rate to achieve revenue. In addition to making a good customer service chatbot, all these features help formulate a better sales strategy and increase your brand’s sales velocity. This chatbot houses some of the best features to drive sales through each stage of your sales funnel. Notably, this chatbot answers customer questions about the product with relevant solutions overcoming sales obstacles even before they reach the checkout page.

Chatbot para WhatsApp

As automation technology evolves, businesses are exploring the value of eCommerce chatbots. Moving the transaction process into a chat environment allows brands to offer a highly personalised customer experience. Chatbots engage users, generate leads, and increase sales, especially on mobile.

sales chatbot

This combination makes conversational AI more useful than ever, which is evident by the growing chatbot & conversational use cases and creative AI projects in the industry. Chatbots can also be used for upselling and cross-selling as they can recommend products in a conversational manner with a brief explanation too. They can be programmed to not only send notifications when a reserved product is back in stock but do so through popular messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Furthermore, chatbots can send a wide range of other notifications such as price alerts, shopping reminders, shipping delays, and order updates. Offer an overcoming experience and improve the conversion on your websites with Cliengo, that streamline your teams’ processes using the power of automation and machine learning. Once the chatbot is designed, it’s important to train the bot and test it thoroughly to ensure it functions as intended.


Abandoned cart recovery is one of the most critical challenges an online store faces. We create the tools necessary to achieve the goals-focused objectives. We can personalise the experience up to and through the conversion by gathering information in shorter, well-timed increments. We can add a user to a rewards program or a mailing list directly in a chat, then use that recorded data again at checkout. No distractions, just an experience with your brand that pleases the customer.

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