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What Is Conversational AI? Definition and Examples

Conversational AI: What Is It? Guide with Examples & Benefits

what is the example of conversational ai

It is a method for identifying unknown properties, as opposed to machine learning, which focuses on generating predictions based on recent data. The goal of NLG is to generate responses that are not only relevant to the context but also grammatically correct, coherent, and natural-sounding. In other words, NLG aims to create machine-generated text that reads as if it were written by a human. Plus, the conversational AI space has come a long way in making its bots and assistants sound more natural and human-like, which can greatly improve a person’s interaction with it. Google’s Google Assistant operates similarly to voice assistants like Alexa and Siri while placing a special emphasis on the smart home. The digital assistant pairs with Google’s Nest suite, connecting to devices like TV displays, cameras, door locks, thermostats, smoke alarms and even Wi-Fi.

what is the example of conversational ai

B2B marketing and sales leaders should use this report to understand the capabilities of emerging vendors within major segments of the conversation automation market and to inform their technology strategies. By understanding these pros and cons, businesses can deploy Conversational AI effectively. It’s like the AI’s own personal linguist, helping it decode everything from different languages and dialects to the most uncommon slang.

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Then, tap the headphone button located in the top-right corner of the home screen and choose your preferred voice out of five different voices. Snap a picture of a landmark while traveling and have a live conversation about what’s interesting about it. When you’re home, snap pictures of your fridge and pantry to figure out what’s for dinner (and ask follow up questions for a step by step recipe). After dinner, help your child with a math problem by taking a photo, circling the problem set, and having it share hints with both of you. We have not explicitly argued in favour of the model we have labelled ‘Consent-GPT’ for procedural consent delegation.

what is the example of conversational ai

“Rule based or scripted chatbots are best suited for providing an interaction based solely on the most frequently asked questions. An ‘FAQ’ approach can only support very specific keywords being used,” said Eric Carrasquilla, senior vice president and general manager of Digital Engagement Solutions at CSG. For more information on conversational AI and chatbots, discover how to provide brilliant AI-powered salesforce chatbot solutions to every customer, every time. Depending on the industry you serve, you may also be interested in checking out our eBooks on telecom and media and entertainment. Over time, as the AI has more customer service interactions, you can uncover further opportunities to train the AI and empower it to solve even more tickets. You can also help retrain the AI if it did not provide the correct response in a specific scenario, enhancing the experience over time.

Conversational AI in Financial Services & FinTech

I was talking with my colleagues yesterday about this and we felt this was an underrated part of using tools like ChatGPT. That we’ve been skimming off the surface–taking output from ChatGPT and manually fixing it (both for personal tone and fixing hallucinations). But we thought it was important to take time to train ChatGPT so that eventually it can write in our voices.

New AI tools are turning data into relatable conversations – Business Insider

New AI tools are turning data into relatable conversations.

Posted: Mon, 30 Oct 2023 14:09:00 GMT [source]

If the prompt is speech-based, it will use a combination of automated speech recognition and natural language understanding to analyze the input. Obtaining informed consent from patients prior to a medical or surgical procedure is a fundamental part of safe and ethical clinical practice. Currently, it is routine for a significant part of the consent process to be delegated to members of the clinical team not performing the procedure (eg, junior doctors). However, it is common for consent-taking delegates to lack sufficient time and clinical knowledge to adequately promote patient autonomy and informed decision-making. One possible solution to this clinical dilemma is through the use of conversational artificial intelligence using large language models (LLMs). There is considerable interest in the potential benefits of such models in medicine.


It is a permanent form of birth control and is quite effective, with a less than 1% failure rate. Excerpts of a simulated consent conversation for tubal ligation between Jane and Consent-GPT are shown in boxes 1 and 2. All data relevant to the study are included in the article or uploaded as supplementary information. “A giant source of frustration for consumers is repeating information they’ve already shared, like re-confirming a phone having to re-explain a problem to multiple agents. According to Radanovic, conversational AI can be an effective way of eliminating pain points in the customer journey. Twenty-six percent of those polled said bots are better at providing unbiased information and 34% said they were better at maintaining work schedules.

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